Hey! I'm Roshnara

An independent product and brand designer with nearly 4 years of experience. I help startups wade through the ambiguity of building products, and am currently looking to work with businesses building products of the future.
Since graduating university, I’ve worked as an architect, photographer, graphic designer and (currently) product designer.
Until recently, I was a senior product designer and founding member at Graphy (by Unacademy) — a platform for content creators to build and scale their knowledge businesses.
In my free time I watch basketball, bake bread, play badminton and annoy my cats.

Previously, at Graphy

Early on at Graphy, we were just a three-member product design team. This drove me to design and prototype countless ideas and concepts, and created a culture of rapid iteration and skill development. I thrived on experimentation, always eager to push boundaries. I led some of our most important projects, which

Collaboration was at the core of our work — I worked hand-in-hand with product managers and engineers to bring our visions to life. As Graphy grew, I had the privilege of interviewing and hiring several talented designers, expanding our team's capabilities. It was incredibly fulfilling to see them grow in their roles and achieve well-deserved promotions.

My experience at Graphy has been a defining chapter in my design career, and I am excited to carry the skills and insights into new challenges and opportunities.

Currently, independent

Working independently for the past year has made me a resilient and adaptive designer. Learning to find the right clients, navigating remote teams and changing market conditions has been extremely challenging, but fulfilling.

Currently, mentor at BX

Being a mentor at Brand Experience (BX) Design by 10Kdesigners has been incredibly rewarding. Through sharing my experience and providing constructive feedback, I've been able watch aspirational designers grow into exceptional professionals.

Architecture school

Technically, I'm an architect, and have worked as such in Dubai before transitioning into the design field.
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Food photography

I've practiced as a food photographer for over a decade (thanks to my mom's blog for getting me started!)
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As a life-long stan of bread, the pandemic kickstarted my (hopeful) career in bread-making. I find the process therapeutic and it helps that the outcome is delicious.

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Let's chat!


Let's chat!