Loca Brand



Loca is an innovative company that works on local SEO for small and medium businesses in the United States.


Brand Identity



Loca empowers local enterprises to reach new heights in their digital presence.

Targeting small and medium businesses, often run by someone with no experience in marketing meant that gaining their trust was of utmost importance to Loca. After hitting product-market fit early, they decided to relaunch their previous brand, Chrone, as Loca.

The brand is encapsulated in the succinct and powerful tagline, "for the makers." Embodying the essence of Loca – it speaks to the hands-on, scrappy nature of local businesses that pour their heart and soul into what they create. Just like the visionaries who shape their businesses with care, Loca is committed to crafting unique and tailored SEO solutions that mirror the individuality of each business they serve.

It echoes the tenacity, resourcefulness, and dedication of small and medium businesses, akin to artisans honing their craft. The essence of "for the makers" captures the spirit of imperfection transformed into artistry, a narrative that draws parallels between quirky and hand-made, but approachable and trustworthy and perfectly balances the qualities inherent in both Loca's offerings and its clients' endeavours.

As of August 2023, this rebrand is yet to launch.