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Graphy is a leading online platform for content creators to create, market, and sell their knowledge businesses


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Graphy is a leading online platform for content creators to create, market, and sell their knowledge businesses

While Graphy initially offered a comprehensive course builder, once we hit product-market-fit, we diversified our offerings to include paid webinars, communities, memberships, and more. Our aim was to consolidate these functionalities under one umbrella, becoming a one-stop-shop for anyone working in the creator economy.

The need then arose, for a complex dashboard that allows these creators and their teams to manage their businesses seamlessly.

Graphy’s mission is to empower creators to create and scale their business, by working as a partner in their entrepreneurial journey

Applying this mission to our users’ journey, we decided to create a dashboard that grew and adapted with each creator. Starting from onboarding, until the “N”th day of using Graphy, the dashboard needed to function as a guide, as well as an executive assistant.

I designed a modular system of ‘cards’ with various properties, and fleshed out a creator persona’s journey from day 0 up until day 100. The design, position and time of appearance of each card is mapped to every decision made by the user — starting from which version of the landing page they signed up from, which CTA they’ve clicked, what category they teach in, etc, to what action they’ve taken on the dashboard.

It was also crucial to choreograph communication outside of the dashboard, especially during the 2-week trial period. We gently nudged the user via email with relevant communication to help them move along in their journey.

The dashboard was designed to help make creator’s journey as intuitive and seamless as possible — providing stats, next steps, predicting and answering FAQs

As the dashboard evolves with time and actions taken by the user, it transforms to display relevant stats, ways to grow their business, knowledge base articles — all while having reliable entry points to recurring actions.

Within the first week of launch, the new dashboard cut the time for users to —

• 2 minutes (from 20 minutes) to publish their website

• 1 day (from 2 weeks) launch their online school

• 5 days (from 1 month) publish a course

The project was done in collaboration with the incredible product managers and engineers at Graphy.