Graphy Course Creation



Graphy is a leading online platform for content creators to create, market, and sell their knowledge businesses


Product Strategy

UI/UX Design



When Graphy was building a platform for cohort-based-courses, course creation was the primary pitch for creators.

Creators have to ideate, create, structure courses before they even get on a platform. From there, they have to write and upload content, build a landing page, market the course, collect leads and then finally teach the live course.

Graphy’s original course creation flow followed the above process very linearly. This meant that creators needed to have their entire to-do-list ready before they could create the course on Graphy. This led to low numbers and long turnaround periods for course creation.

So, we decided to flip the script. In the new flow, all the creator needed to have ready was the course title. They could add additional information like price and description if they wanted to. With just this information, we created a public course landing page that they could use to start selling and marketing their course, and generate leads.

The course landing page is modular, with blocks of information. Details taken during onboarding form the bulk of the landing page if only minimum details are given. As the creator updated their course with more details like price, description, modules, etc. the website automatically updates this information.

This flow helped increase the number of creators on Graphy, since it was very simple for them to visualize what their course would look like when testing the product. It also decreased the time it took for creators to publish courses from the time of account creation.