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Graphy is a leading online platform for content creators to create, market, and sell their knowledge businesses


Brand Design



A year into building for the creator economy, it was time to solidify Graphy’s mission

Graphy has seen multiple pivots through its lifetime. As an early stage consumer product, Graphy evolved through a few different versions during my time as a designer on the team. Now, its a one-stop-shop for creators building their knowledge businesses. Through it all, our core vision and mission have remained the same — empower creators to own their content, and grow their content business.

In late 2021, almost 2 years into experimenting, learning and building Graphy, the product and business showed healthy signs of product-market fit. It was now time for us to put our values and mission in writing — and create our brand book.

I rallied primary stakeholders and facilitated The Three-Hour Brand Sprint. As a team, this was our opportunity and forum to question ideals, articulate values and align on shared goals and the vision for Graphy.

Post this sprint, we consolidated, condensed and synthesized all our discussion and debate. It finally culminated to become Graphy's brand values and persona.

The weeks after were spent exploring, iterating,

re-exploring and reiterating different visual styles, thoughtfully trying to convey our values through a seamless brand language.

Creating the brand book led to a ripple-effect within the team. It gave rise to the UI/UX design system Graphy runs on. It became the gospel on which the marketing and copywriting teams ran on. All of our public brand touch points were suddenly consistent, but most importantly distinctly, uniquely, Graphy.