UI/UX Design

Product Strategy


2020 - 2022

Graphy is a leading online platform for content creators to create, market, and sell their knowledge businesses

I worked at Graphy for nearly 3 years. Following are a few of the many projects I worked on during my time.

Creator Dashboard

Building and managing courses and students is a dense and complex workflow.

I designed a modular system of ‘cards’ with various properties, and fleshed out a creator's journey from day 0 up until day 100. The activation, design, and position of each card is mapped to every decision made by the user — starting from which version of the landing page they signed up from, which CTA they’ve clicked, what category they teach in, etc, to what action they’ve taken on the dashboard.

Within the first week of launch, the new dashboard cut the time for users to —

• publish their website from 20 minutes to 2

• launch their online school from 2 weeks to 1 day

• publish a course from 1 month to 5 days

The project was done in collaboration with the incredible product managers and engineers at Graphy.

Creator Dashboard

Course Creation

All course creation tools at the time only allowed creators to create courses sequentially, which didn’t allow room for the non-linear way most people work.

So, we decided to flip the script. In the new flow, all the creator needed to have ready was the course title. They could add additional information like price and description if they wanted to. With just this information, we created a public course landing page that they could use to start generating leads, selling and marketing their course.

This flow helped increase the number of creators on Graphy, since it was very intuitive to visualise what their course would look like when testing the product. It also decreased the time it took for creators to publish courses from the time of account creation.

Creator Dashboard


Glide is a platform that allows creators to share edutainment content based off of slide decks. 

Link a deck and hit record — that’s how easy it is film yourself discussing old concepts, new ideas, rants and everything in between. I wanted the onboarding to be a fun and intuitive experience, one that encourages users to be candid and stay true to themselves.

The wider audience has access to a platform like YouTube, with mobile-first content tagged with any category you can imagine. 

Creator Dashboard