1990 Research Labs


1990 Research Labs

1990 Research Labs is changing the way startups implement research


Brand Identity Design



The way startups build products is broken.

Testing ambiguous ideas is a waste of time and money. The solution to this problem is simple — research. But research as it is today is inaccessible, expensive, and time-consuming, whereas startups are frugal and agile.

1990 Research Labs leverages the potential of research in a way that aligns with the fast-paced workflows of startups.

By identifying the right questions and uncovering valuable insights, they help product–owners like founders, venture capitalists, and product managers make informed decisions and achieve their goals. For years, they have been building an arsenal of research on emerging consumer groups in India, giving them an unprecedented perspective, enabling them to provide focused and relevant insights to their clients rapidly. They also offer modular solutions, so that clients can decide when and how the lab can step in to assist.

Research as an art of storytelling.

This project began with a discovery phase, where I conducted workshops with the founder to identify the company's brand values and meaningful difference. Once we discovered that unique differentiator was the way they chose to narrate consumer stories that they have learned over years of research, I crafted the brand identity — opinionated but not loud, timeless and aspirational.